Positive Reactions Trail Showmax’s AMVCA 2023 Outing Showmax Originals Triumph At AMVCA 2023

The ninth edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) unfolded as a spectacular evening to honour the brilliance of African film and TV talent. Among the night’s biggest winners were Showmax Nigerian Originals: Crime and Justice Lagos secured the awards for “Best TV Series” and “Best Picture Editor”, and The Real Housewives of Lagos won the award for “Best Costume Designer”.

In an article written by Conrad Johnson-Omodiagbe titled “AMVCA 2023: The Big Winners and the People Who Should’ve Won,” Showmax’s contributions took center stage. The article expressed that Sodi Kurubo, Stephanie Dadet, and Victor Aghahowa deserved the “Best Writer” award for Showmax’s Original series, “Diiche.” The fifth episode of “Diiche” was hailed as one of the greatest moments in Nigerian television history, offering an unforgettable viewing experience.

Another article written and published before the awards by revered critic Oris Aigbokhaevbolo titled “How Crime And Justice Lagos Worked Its Way to Awards and Acclaim” predicted a win for the Showmax original. The writer commended Showmax’s exceptional work on “Crime and Justice Lagos,” singling out the third episode titled “Oro” as a masterpiece. Through vivid storytelling, the episode brought the Yorubaland festival to life, captivating viewers with its authenticity and cultural significance.

Furthermore, the article proclaimed that Crime and Justice Lagos was the standout among Showmax’s commissioned shows. Its nominations in multiple technical categories at the AMVCAs attested to its outstanding quality. The prospect of winning Best Cinematographer, Best Picture Editor, Best Lighting Designer in Movie or TV Series, Best Art Director (Movie or TV Series), and the highly coveted Best Television Series award further solidified its brilliance.

Native Mag added to the chorus of praise in their special feature article titled “Five Takeaways from the AMVCA 2023.” Celebrating Showmax’s commitment to amplifying Nigerian and African stories, the article highlighted the platform’s dominance in the Best Television Series category, with five out of ten nominations belonging to Showmax originals. Among them, “Crime and Justice Lagos” emerged as the most deserving winner, captivating audiences with its gripping police and legal procedural drama.

The positivity spread across social media platforms as well. Bernad Oscar’s tweet echoed the sentiment that Scarlet Gomez deserved the Best Actress in a Drama/TV Series award for her phenomenal performance in Showmax’s original telenovela, Wura. Temi Gomez further fueled the excitement, proclaiming Scarlet Gomez as the true winner of the AMVCA Best Actress award in a Drama/TV Series.The 2023 AMVCAs served as a glorious stage to honour the triumphs of Showmax originals. The accolades, critical acclaim, and positive sentiments expressed by publications and social media commentators highlighted Showmax’s unwavering dedication to sharing exceptional Nigerian and African storytelling – a commitment which is further spotlighted in the brand’s recently launched campaign with tagline: No One Tells A Story Like We Do. And the claim isn’t far-fetched. In the past 18 months, the Streaming Service has released eight Nigerian originals, catering to people across a variety of viewing preferences and tastes. In addition to its slate of originals, Showmax boasts of a huge collection of international hit movies and series, kids’ shows and premium documentaries as well as a library of Africa Magic original content that includes Itura, Covenant, My Beautyful Life and Ricordi

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