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Class of Secrets series is an upcoming Nigerian High school crime drama web series by BN MEDIA FILMS. It was written by Vivian Chidera OBI and developed by Benneth Nwankwo. In this exclusive interview with O’star Eze of Inside Nollywood, Benneth shares some bird’s-eye view into the production; the whys and wherefores.

What can you tell us about this movie?

The first season follows a girl who took up a teaching job for an exam preparatory class in an elite school when she suspects there may be a cover-up surrounding her younger sister’s death.

The pilot episode will be released on 5th August 2023 with a streaming and a launch party set same date.

What is the budget of the movie and how is it being funded?

The budget is currently undisclosed.
The film is independently funded by the producer.

What lessons is this movie planning to pass to the society?

1. The Power of Resilience and Determination:

The protagonist’s journey teaches us the importance of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Despite the pain of losing her younger sister and the challenges she faces in uncovering the truth, she persists in seeking justice and unraveling the cover-up, proving that determination can drive us to overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

2. The Impact of Secrets and Cover-ups:

ClassOfSecrets sheds light on the consequences of keeping secrets and engaging in cover-ups. It emphasizes the importance of honesty and transparency, as secrets can lead to a web of deception and hurt the very people we care about. The series reminds us that facing the truth, no matter how difficult, is essential for healing and growth.

3. The Value of Seeking Justice:

The young girl’s quest for justice in the face of personal tragedy serves as a powerful reminder that seeking truth and accountability is crucial. #ClassOfSecrets underscores the significance of holding those responsible for wrongdoing accountable, not only for the sake of justice but also to prevent further harm to others.

4. The Impact of Peer Pressure and Social Hierarchies:

The web series delves into the dynamics of peer pressure and social hierarchies within the elite school. It highlights how these factors can influence decision-making, causing individuals to make choices they may later regret. By exploring these themes, #ClassOfSecrets encourages viewers to reflect on the impact of such pressures on their own lives.

5. The Importance of Mentorship and Support:

Throughout the series, we witness the importance of mentorship and support in helping individuals navigate difficult situations. The young girl finds support from unexpected sources, emphasizing the significance of having caring individuals in our lives who guide and uplift us during challenging times.

6. The Dangers of Covering Up Misdeeds:

ClassOfSecrets warns against the dangers of covering up misdeeds, as it can lead to a cycle of deceit and harm. The series serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us that concealing the truth can have severe consequences, both for the individuals involved and for the wider community.

7. The Power of Collaboration and Unity:

As the protagonist unearths the secrets surrounding her sister’s death, she forms alliances with others who share her quest for justice. #ClassOfSecrets illustrates the strength that comes from collaboration and unity, highlighting that working together can lead to greater impact and change.

8. The Importance of Trusting Our Instincts:

The young girl’s intuition plays a vital role in uncovering the truth. #ClassOfSecrets emphasizes the significance of trusting our instincts and being attuned to our gut feelings when faced with difficult situations, as these instincts can lead us on the path to truth and justice.

In conclusion, #ClassOfSecrets provides viewers with gripping storytelling and valuable life lessons. From resilience and seeking justice to the consequences of keeping secrets, the web series offers insights that resonate far beyond the high school setting, reminding us of the power of truth and the importance of standing up for what is right.

Do you think Nollywood industry is doing enough in promoting patriotism and good moral values?

Yes, Nollywood has been doing that and has continued to do that through story that resonates with our realities as Nigerians.

How many seasons are you planning on running?

Tentatively 3 seasons

What marketing plans do you have for the movie?

We have signed a media partnership agreement with two Facebook Communities YorochiTv and HappiVibes. The members of these communities are predominantly Gen-Z which are the primary demograph of our series.

Are you considering local streaming sites or international?

We are releasing the series on our official YouTube channel; Imagination TV

What challenges are you facing in the production?

Funding films as an independent filmmaker is very challenging.

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