Nollywood, Nigeria’s vibrant film industry, has always been a hotbed of talent, continually producing exceptional actors and actresses who captivate audiences with their performances. In recent years, a new generation of rising stars has emerged, redefining Nigerian cinema and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Let’s delve into the lives and careers of these talented actors and actresses, celebrating their successes and exploring what makes them stand out on the silver screen.

Mike Afolarin

Mike Afolarin’s artistic journey began as an actor in 2013 when he launched his career with the stage production ‘Magic Time’ during his time at the University of Lagos. However, he quickly proved that his talents extended far beyond acting. As a filmmaker, he has served as both an assistant director and set designer for various short films, including the critically acclaimed ‘The 3rd Rule’ and ‘Ajuwaya’ (2017). This versatility and passion for storytelling set him on a path to become a true trailblazer in the Nigerian film industry.

The Breakout Role

In 2018, Mike gained notoriety for his standout portrayal of Chikodi in the Emamode Edosio film ‘Kasala.’ His portrayal of the complex character earned him praise from critics and audiences alike, signaling that he was a talent to watch. With ‘Kasala,’ Mike demonstrated his ability to embody a wide range of emotions and bring depth to his characters, solidifying his place in the industry as a rising star.

Rising to New Heights

While Mike’s initial success was commendable, it was his role in the Netflix series ‘Far From Home’ that catapulted him to new heights. In the series, he showcased his exceptional acting prowess, delivering a nuanced and impactful performance that resonated with viewers both locally and internationally. As a standout talent in the critically acclaimed series, Mike Afolarin became a household name and an emblem of the new wave of talent in Nollywood.

Notable Roles and Beyond

Since his breakout role in ‘Far From Home,’ Mike Afolarin’s star has continued to ascend, securing him roles in popular films such as ‘Your Excellency’ (2019), ‘Inspector K’ (2020), and the recently released ‘Soole’ (2022). His ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse characters and genres showcases his versatility as an actor, making him a sought-after talent in the industry.

Beyond his on-screen accomplishments, Mike has also garnered attention for his contributions behind the scenes, where he continues to make his mark as a filmmaker and creative force. His work as an assistant director and set designer has earned him respect among his peers and further solidified his reputation as a multi-talented artist.


Tobi Bakre’s journey in the world of acting began with ‘Hustle,’ where he showcased his potential as a performer. The TV series provided him with a platform to hone his skills, setting the stage for what was to come. As an ex-BBNaija housemate, Tobi faced the challenge of breaking free from the reality show label and proving his mettle as an actor. With determination and talent, he embraced the opportunity to grow and evolve in his craft.

The Breakthrough Moment

In 2019, Tobi Bakre’s breakthrough came with his role in ‘Sugar Rush.’ The movie’s success not only brought him recognition but also showcased his ability to deliver impactful performances on the big screen. As he immersed himself in the character, Tobi’s charisma and natural talent shone through, earning him praise from both audiences and industry insiders.

Elevating His Craft

Since his breakout moment, Tobi Bakre’s dedication to his craft has been evident in his choice of roles. He has been part of well-known Nollywood productions, including ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘The Blood Covenant’ (2022). In ‘Brotherhood,’ in particular, Tobi’s performance deserves special praise. It serves as a testament to the substantial development he has undergone as an actor, embracing more complex characters and delivering nuanced portrayals.

Beyond Acting

Tobi Bakre’s talents extend beyond the realm of acting. As a TV personality, he has garnered a massive following, showcasing his versatility and charm on various television shows. His magnetic presence on screen has earned him numerous opportunities to connect with audiences and showcase different facets of his personality.

A Glimpse of the Future

As Tobi Bakre’s career continues to flourish, he remains committed to pushing the boundaries and exploring new artistic endeavors. His journey from a reality TV star to a respected actor and TV personality is a testament to his resilience, passion, and determination.


Moshood Fattah’s foray into the world of performance began in 2015 when he took on the challenging role of Gwanza in the Spirit of David Musical. His gripping portrayal of the troubled child soldier garnered critical acclaim, and it was clear that a rising star had emerged. With an unwavering commitment to his craft and a determination to captivate audiences, Moshood set forth on a path that would lead him to new opportunities and creative horizons.

The Theatrical Odyssey

Following his breakthrough debut, Moshood Fattah’s passion for the stage took him on an exciting theatrical odyssey. He became a sought-after talent, earning roles in numerous theatrical productions. Notably, he showcased his acting prowess in ‘Fela and the Kalakuta Queens’ (2017) and ‘Heartbeat’ (2016), both masterpieces produced by the visionary Bolanle Austen Peters. In these productions, Moshood’s ability to embody diverse characters and bring them to life with authenticity was evident, earning him acclaim among theater enthusiasts.

From Stage to Screen

While Moshood’s talent shone brightly on stage, he seamlessly transitioned to the screen, further solidifying his status as a versatile performer. Recently, he graced the screen in the popular Netflix series ‘Far From Home,’ where his magnetic presence and commanding performance added depth to the series’ narrative. As a rising star in Nollywood, Moshood’s presence on the screen brought a fresh energy that captivated audiences.

A Glimpse of the Future

With each new project, Moshood Fattah continues to carve a unique path in Nollywood. His artistry knows no bounds, and he remains open to diverse opportunities that challenge and inspire him. Most recently, he starred in the Funke Akindele-directed movie ‘Battle On Buka Street,’ a testament to his growing appeal as a performer who can effortlessly adapt to various roles and genres.

Genoveva Umeh

In May 2022, a rising star graced Nigerian television and left an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences. Genoveva Umeh’s portrayal of Timileyin, Kola’s problematic sister (played by Deyemi Okanlawon), in the popular Netflix film ‘Blood Sisters,’ showcased her immense talent and potential. Little did we know that this was just the beginning of a remarkable journey for the young and gifted actress.

A Breakout Performance

Genoveva’s appearance in ‘Blood Sisters’ was a turning point in her career, earning her acclaim for her compelling portrayal of a complex character. Her chemistry with Deyemi Okanlawon and her ability to convey a wide range of emotions drew praise from both critics and viewers. It was evident that this was an actress with a promising future ahead.

A Triumphant Return

Later in December 2022, Genoveva graced the big screen once more, this time as Ozinna in ‘Far From Home.’ Her magnetic presence and mesmerizing performance in the Netflix series further solidified her status as a rising gem in Nollywood. As Ozinna, she showcased her versatility as an actress, immersing herself in the character and delivering a performance that captivated audiences.

The Journey Ahead

For Genoveva Umeh, the sky is truly the beginning. Her talent, dedication, and passion for storytelling have set her on a path to greatness in the Nigerian film industry. With each role, she continues to evolve as an actress, embracing diverse characters and breathing life into them with authenticity and finesse.

Beyond Acting

Genoveva’s talents extend beyond acting, as she is also a budding filmmaker. Her passion for storytelling and her desire to contribute to the industry in various capacities are evident in her pursuit of new artistic endeavors.

Perez Egbi

Perez Egbi’s transition from the BBN house to pursuing acting in Nigeria reflects his willingness to explore new horizons. After leaving the BBN house, he returned to his home country to pursue his interests in the entertainment industry. Armed with his nursing background and a newfound passion for acting, Perez set his sights on making a mark in Nollywood.

A Rising Star in Nollywood

Since embarking on his acting journey, Perez Egbi has been making waves in Nollywood. The 37-year-old has taken on diverse roles, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. His performances in films like ‘Duke and Dami,’ ‘A Bitter Pill,’ ‘Infatuation,’ ‘Pound of Flesh,’ ‘Gem of the Rainforest,’ ‘Lonely Heart,’ and ‘The Choirmaster’s Wife’ have earned him recognition and applause from audiences and industry insiders alike.

Nollywood’s rising stars are a testament to the industry’s ever-growing talent pool. With their record-breaking movies, critical acclaim, and award nominations, these rising stars have proven their ability to captivate audiences and deliver powerful performances that leave a lasting impression. As they continue to evolve in their careers, one thing is certain: Nollywood’s rising stars are here to redefine the landscape of Nigerian cinema, enchanting audiences both locally and globally with their talent and passion for the art of storytelling.

By Ezenwa Okonkwo

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