Most Nollywood fans will agree that some of the most beautiful women in Nigeria bless us often with their faces and overwhelming hotness on screen. If you were looking to find the prettiest women and, by extension, shows with the most beautiful people to watch, heading to the best TV series on the air right now may be the way to go.

Luckily, Africa Magic can provide some of the best-produced TV series with the hottest girls in Nollywood right now. All you have to do is enjoy watching shows with great storylines, brilliant acting and beautiful people. Check out thirteen of the hottest women making Nollywood series the best watch right now:

1. Tope Olowoniyan: She has the sort of body women pay thousands of dollars to get and a gorgeous face to go with it. Most importantly, she is a talented actress with a range that will shock you. When she’s not playing ‘Queen Abieyuwa’ on Riona, she’s taking on the role of ‘Doris Dehinde-Phillips’ on Ripples: The New Generation and killing both. She is a kind queen in Riona who wants to lead a baby girl life and stay out of trouble but can be fierce when she has to be. It’s a delight watching her in those velvet two-pieces almost as much as it is to watch her in her bodycon dresses on Ripples.

2. Diane Russet: Diane started off as a BBNaija star but has since become an award-winning director and actress. She brings every bit of sex appeal to Ricordi. As ‘Fejiro’, she is a hottie who will take your man without even trying and make another fall head over heels for her just by looking at her. It’s all because she’s smoking hot!

3. Uzoamaka Aniunoh: Uzoamaka is a dark-skinned, long-legged gorgeous star of three Africa Magic shows. She is a fierce warrior (Kumene) on Riona, a naive and then vengeful woman on Venge (Bibi)  whose ‘innocence’ will keep you from seeing her true intentions and then she is every bit the ‘bad B’ as ‘Inspector Ijeoma’ on Crime and Justice Lagos. It doesn’t matter which show you watch her on, you’ll think the same thing – ‘gosh! That girl is hot!’

4. Teniola Aladese: Teniola puts the hot in hottie and the bad in baddie as she slays as ‘Adesoye’ on Ricordi and ‘FK’ on Unbroken. She even manages to still make you wonder how a scary goddess like Jemeji’s ‘Akweyon’ can be smoking hot! In truth, Teni’s petite figure, brilliant AMVCA-trailblazer-winner mind, gorgeous face and ridiculously lifelike acting keep her on Africa Magic year after year, and it’s a blessing for the viewers!

5. Debby Felix: She is your quintessential fine girl with flawless skin, wide eyes, a petite figure, and luscious lips. She manages to be all those things and more as she takes on the devious role of ‘Freda Abass’ in Ripples: The New Generation. Viewers will find themselves drawn to her beauty even as they fight the need to enter their TV and shake her out of the wicked shadow of her dad – ‘Talab Abass’.

6. Ame Aiyejina: It’s not often that you find an ugly princess, and Ame isn’t going to be the first. She’s perhaps the prettiest ‘omo oba’ you’ve seen in a while. As ‘Omooba Aderiyike’ in Itura, Ame barely wears any makeup and rocks natural hair like ‘shuku’, yet she maintains beauty at all times. She looks equally smashing in her short ‘adire’ and velvet two-pieces. It’s no surprise the great warrior from Ibadan, Akoba, was so intent on marrying her, even to the point of his death.

7. Mena Sodje: It may be easy to describe Mena as an Africa Magic star, and we are okay with that, especially since she is a beautiful woman with astounding acting skills. She is ‘Pippa’ in Tinsel, Ofotokun’s favourite queen ‘Misan’ in Riona and ‘Halima Cole’ on Ripples: The New Generation, showing at 9 pm on Africa Magic Showcase every Wednesday. Anywhere you catch Mena, you are in for a treat!

8. Oshuwa Tunde-Imoyo: There are few Nigerian series where you can boldly say they have a beautiful cast, and Dilemma is one of those. With gorgeous cast members like Shine Rosman, Joselyn Dumas, Dior Adiele, Iriekpen Amanda, and Chinonso Arubayi, Oshawa stands out and shines. She plays ‘Yolaine’ on Dilemma and ‘Muna’ on Our Best Friend’s Wedding, but she’s fierce and fiery hot in both, leaving viewers wanting more!

9. Gbubemi Ejeye: On Africa Magic’s Covenant, Gbubemi manages to somehow be innocent and a prostitute simultaneously. The result is a heavy dose of sex appeal. As ‘Talia’, she is so sexy that she makes three out of four Ijimakinde men lust thirstily after her, and the best part is the vixen knows the power she wields. She is the definition of a rising star, but with looks like that, the sky is only her starting point. Catch her every weekday at 8 pm on Africa Magic Showcase.

10. Ini Edo: Any Nigerian who has never heard of Ini Edo or felt the warmth of her hotness by just citing her on-screen has been living under a rock. The veteran actress has been around since the early 2000s, and she’s gotten hotter every year. But when you spend hours at the gym as she does, plus good genes and a brilliant doctor, it’s expected that you have an hourglass figure women envy. Still, her acting has kept fans captivated. She stuns again on Africa Magic’s Laces, airing every Monday at 9 pm on Africa Magic Showcase and Wednesday at 9:30 pm on Urban.

11. Caroline Areoghene Igben: If you search the meaning of thick in the dictionary, you’ll likely find Caroline as the synonym. As ‘Duchess’ in Covenant, she kept all the politicians spellbound and even made the Governor of Lagos State lose his head. She has gorgeous dark skin, plump lips and a fantastic figure-8 shape. If you get to watch Duchess at 8 pm every weeknight, grab it with open hands because you will feast your eyes and your mind.

The thought of enjoying a surplus of eye candy on these Africa Magic series should entice you to enjoy the best of Nollywood. If you would also love to reconnect so you can watch these gorgeous ladies, you can do so from the comfort of your house with self-service on the MyDStv app or by using *288#. You can also catch all these shows anywhere on the DStv app at showtimes or watch past episodes on DStv Catch Up. For more information on these shows and other programming, visit https://www.dstv.com/africamagic/en-ng/home.

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