In recent days, Nosa Rex Okunzuwa, a well-known figure in Nigeria’s entertainment sphere, has found himself at the center of controversy due to a heartfelt message he shared on Instagram. In this message, he addresses the deeply rooted issue of cultism within the entertainment sector and advocates for unity, talent recognition over affiliation, and the fight against poverty. However, rather than garnering universal acclaim, Nosa Rex’s message has been met with backlash from critics who question his stance and motives. No doubt referring to the death in controversial circumstances of Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, known professionally as MohBad, he admonished industry bigwigs and aspiring entertainers to shun cultism and bullying.

His message on Instagram reads “Until we remove cultism from entertainment industry, all these issues will not stop. Entertainment requires your talent, not your colour. Stay away from cultism, forget anything anyone will tell you. As you progress in life you will realise that the people who might help you in life might not even be your confra mate. You might be flying white and your helper might be purple. Life is deep. The only enemy we have right now is poverty. Channel your energy to the fight against poverty. Ask for update, share update, keep your circle small and enjoy life. Nothing dey this life o. ignore the messenger and take the message.”

The Nigerian entertainment industry has, for many years, been celebrated for its vibrancy, creativity, and cultural richness. Yet, it has also faced challenges related to cultism and bullying, a problem that has threatened the industry’s credibility and the safety of its members. Nosa Rex, an actor, film producer, and advocate for change, has boldly stated, “Until we remove cultism from the entertainment industry, all these issues will not stop.” While some applaud his courage, others have criticized him for being double-faced, as he is allegedly a member of Mamphite.

One of the core themes of Nosa Rex’s message is the assertion that talent should be the sole determining factor in an artist’s success, irrespective of their affiliations. He stresses that talent knows no bounds, be it color or creed, and urges individuals to prioritize their skills over their involvement in any cult group. While this perspective is seen as refreshing by some, critics argue that so long as he is a member of a notorious cult group, he has no moral right to talk against cult groups and their illicit activities.

Earlier, the Supreme Eiye Confraternity have earlier issued a disclaimer, categorically stating that Naira Marley and Sam Larry are not members of the confraternity, as many concerned Nigerians had stated that they bullied Mohbad to death because they were backed by the powers of the cult.

Nosa Rex’s message also highlights the broader societal issue of poverty and urges individuals to direct their efforts towards combating it. He identifies poverty as the common adversary and encourages everyone to contribute to the fight against it. The message’s call to “ask for an update, share an update, keep your circle small, and enjoy life” reflects Nosa Rex’s pragmatic approach to navigating the industry’s challenges. He acknowledges the importance of seeking knowledge, sharing knowledge, maintaining a close-knit circle of friends, and finding joy in the journey.

In today’s age of social media, where messages can be easily misconstrued or criticized, Nosa Rex’s plea to “ignore the messenger and take the message” underscores the divisive nature of his words and personality, if indeed he is a secret cult member. Critics argue that Nosa Rex’s views may not be comprehensive or suitable for every situation within the entertainment industry, and they believe that the messenger’s motivations should be scrutinized alongside the message itself.

This is why his message has ignited a contentious debate within Nigeria’s entertainment industry and beyond. While some applaud his courage in addressing the issue of cultism and promoting unity, others have lambasted him for allegedly oversimplifying complex problems and overlooking the realities of the industry. Nosa Rex’s journey from a budding actor to a prominent figure in the industry exemplifies the potential for success when talent is prioritized, but critics argue that this journey may not be representative of all experiences. As Nosa Rex faces backlash for his controversial message, it is evident that his vision for a more inclusive and united entertainment industry is far from universally accepted. While some view his words as a call to action, others believe they oversimplify the complexities of the industry. Whether his message ultimately leads to positive change or sparks further division remains a topic of intense debate within the Nigerian entertainment sphere.

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  • Abu Onyiani

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