Let’s throw our minds back to March 2021. Governor Sanwo-Olu had hinted at plans for a Film City in Lagos and secured 100 hectares of land for this ambitious project. This was considered a visionary step, and a signal of the potential Nollywood held plus the government’s commitment to fostering the industry’s growth.

Fast forward to 2023, the Governor of Lagos State made a bold stride which raised eyebrows – again. On October 18, 2023, amidst much fanfare and optimism, Governor Sanwo-Olu performed the groundbreaking ceremony of the $100 million Lagos Film City, a venture that promises to be a game-changer for Nollywood and the broader entertainment industry.

This landmark development is not just a celebration for Lagos but also a pivotal moment in the history of Nollywood. It is the fruit of a visionary partnership between the Lagos State government and notable players in the entertainment sector, including Ebonylife Academy, Delyork, and Ogidi Studios.

But what will the Lagos Film City signify for the bustling world of Nollywood, and how does this project, poised to become the epicentre of African filmmaking, contribute to the industry’s progress and evolution?

A Hub of Innovation and Creativity

Situated on a sprawling 100-hectare land area in the Ikosi-Ejinrin region of Epe Local Government Area, the Lagos Film City isn’t merely a location; it is a concept. This concept holds the promise of creating numerous job opportunities, stimulating economic growth, and attracting investment. As Nollywood evolves from its grassroots, guerilla-style filmmaking days to a more sophisticated and globally influential industry, Governor Sanwo-Olu’s brainchild is perfectly timed.

The Lagos Film City is designed to be a hub for film production, visual effects, scripting, cinematography, editing, photography, and all the ancillary services that support the filmmaking process. It transcends the traditional boundaries of a film studio; it’s a multifaceted, comprehensive ecosystem for content creators, bringing together artistic minds, technicians, and business professionals under one roof. With the top-notch facilities and a state-of-the-art infrastructure promised, this Film City is set to become the beacon for creativity in Nollywood.

The Power of Collaboration

Governor Sanwo-Olu’s strategic foresight is evident in the partnerships forged with prominent institutions within the entertainment sector. Ebonylife Academy, Delyork, and Ogidi Studios are more than just names; they are poised to be the cornerstones of the Film City’s success.

Collaborations of this magnitude bring shared knowledge and expertise, merging the innovative power of the private sector with the government’s commitment to the industry. These partnerships will further reinforce Nollywood’s position as an entertainment powerhouse and will undoubtedly lead to the creation of unique, high-quality content.

Impact on Nollywood

As we bask in the euphoria of this promised transformative development, it’s crucial to pause and recognize that this may mark another significant milestone in the evolution of Nigeria’s booming movie industry. How, then, would this new development contribute to the industry’s growth?

1. Raising the Bar of Quality

The Lagos Film City promises to elevate the quality of Nollywood productions to new heights. With world-class facilities and technology, filmmakers will have the resources to produce content that can compete with global standards. This means better visuals, sound, post-production, and an all-around superior viewing experience. Enticing, no?

2. Originality and Creativity

The purpose of the proposed Lagos Film City project is to enhance originality in content creation within Nigeria’s film industry. The availability of top-tier facilities will encourage filmmakers to push their creative boundaries. It’s not just about making more films; it’s about making innovative, captivating stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

3. Employment and Economic Growth

One of the most promising aspects of the Lagos Film City is the potential to create numerous job opportunities. The filmmaking process requires a diverse workforce, from actors to technicians, writers to marketers. The growth of Nollywood means the growth of employment in various sectors of the industry, boosting the local economy.

4. Tourism and Nollywood

In the second ‘E’ of Governor Sanwo-Olu’s T.H.E.M.E.S agenda, Entertainment and Tourism take centre stage. An integral element of this blueprint, the Lagos Film City is poised to become a tourist attraction in its own right.

Movie enthusiasts, students, and even curious travellers will be drawn to the dynamic world of film production. This increased tourism will not only boost the local economy but also shine a spotlight on the city and the industry.

5. Investment Magnet

As the Lagos Film City evolves, it’s likely to attract significant investment. Companies and individuals will be keen to be a part of the Nollywood journey. The Lagos Film City can become a platform for international collaboration, attracting both local and foreign investment in film production.

As the shovel pierced the earth at the groundbreaking ceremony of the $100 million Lagos Film City, it marked a new chapter in the story of Nollywood. This transformative initiative brings together the government, the private sector, and creative minds in an endeavour that has the potential to redefine not only the Nigerian film industry but also the global entertainment landscape.

When completed and operational, the Lagos Film City will not only be a symbol of the progress of Nollywood but will also serve as an incubator of creativity, employment, and investment. This is a tribute to the pioneers, creators, and visionaries who have believed in the power of storytelling. Nollywood’s journey to global acclaim continues, and the Lagos Film City is undoubtedly a vital chapter in its storied history.

Hence, as the Lagos Film City takes shape, it’s a promise of a brighter future for Nollywood, an industry that has already made a significant mark. The stage is set, the cameras are rolling, and the world is eagerly watching as Nollywood redefines cinema, once again.

Governor Sanwo-Olu’s dream, shared with industry leaders, is becoming a reality. The Lagos Film City, a place where dreams are captured on celluloid, is more than a physical location; it is the embodiment of an industry’s dreams, aspirations, and its undying spirit of storytelling.

With fingers crossed and hopes high, we await the completion of this (genuinely hoping it does not end up like one of the many unfinished projects in the rich history of the Giant of Africa which never saw the light of day)

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  • Ezenwa Okonkwo

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