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– A Movie Review

Directed by: Toka McBaror

Written by: Linda Ikeji

Released on: 6th February 2023.

Language: English

Stream Site: Netflix

Inside Nollywood Rating: 3.00

Dark October reminds us again of another sad incident that played out in October. After watching the movie and recounting the feelings, experience and realism in it, I then ask, why is October so dark? And why do the worst things happens to Nigerians in October?

The movie recounts the jungle justice that lives in Nigeria while relieving “Aluu 4” as the incident is commonly called by those living in river state Nigeria. It relieves the story of how 4 students lost their lives to the sad tale of jungle justice in a village in River state.

The movie begins with a beaten, bloodied and battered Chuks Joseph looking, walking and staring back at nothing. Then cuts to a month before where it showed an energetic and vibrant Uchenna {Chuks Joseph}. Then goes on to portray the typical life of a student and I must commend the visual display and 2012 feelings and vibe the movie gave off, from the use of small open and close phone, Blackberries, to the hyped area and typical university setting we could have found then puts us in a perfect place to feel the nostalgia of 2012.

The movie was shot based on a true life story based on the life of Four students of the university of Port Harcourt who were lynched on the 5th of October because they were mistaken for robbers by the villagers in a rural area when they went to get their money back. Though the script was written based on a true story, it lacked depth. The plot seemed bland and just floating, nothing unique, hidden or unveiling. It played out scene after scene heading to the tragic day without giving us something to talk about as we head there. The story pretty much was bland. No deep story, plot or flow, more like a compilation of anything that can be found on the internet. The script writers would have done a better job and possibly given it more depth if he had done a little bit more research or expounded more.

Also, the conversations between Chuks Joseph and his guys sounds too scripted and not real like a Nigerian conversation will be. Too much repetition and “bro” just kept flying around and at some point it became  annoying to keep hearing it everywhere. Plus, aside from sibling conversations, do we use “bro” on a friend-to-friend basis?

The actors seamlessly embodied the role. The fact that I could see their faces and feel the emotions they felt at every point is commendable despite being new to our faces. They played their part greatly and commendably.

The Movie also shows the lackadaisical attitude of the Nigerian security team, the activities of those policemen is an embodiment and true representation of what our everyday security personnels can do which is heartbreaking. A sad situation where “believe Me” out did the importance of human life.

Links Ikeji broke the mark by making her debut release as a director revolve  around a real life story that addresses Nigerian societal problems which is highly commendable. Though she has received multiple backlash about this movie stating how she failed to reach out to the parents of the bereaved before releasing the movie and to this, the blogger has been mute.

The movie has more ups and downs because to most of us, the lessons tried to pass down and the reminder of the Aluu 4 which was the core aim of the movie and what it revolves around. Dark October is a movie that reminds Nigerians the need to let go of extra judicial killing as it not only scars onlookers, it truncates promises and kills dreams while eternally living their names tainted forever.

By Miracle Marcus

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