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Inside Nollywood International Film Festival & Awards (INIFFAA) unveils Call for Nominations – Celebrating outstanding practitioners that have made significant contributions in Nollywood.

Inside Nollywood International Film Festival & Awards (INIFFAA) proudly announces the commencement of its Call for Nominations for the upcoming 2024 edition. The INIFFAA is set to celebrate a decade of original expression, and the Call for Nominations is an exciting avenue to recognize outstanding contributions in Nollywood.

Nominations Open Until January 1, 2024

Film enthusiasts, industry insiders, and the general public are invited to participate in the nomination process, expressing their appreciation for exceptional talents and influential figures who have shaped the Nollywood landscape. The categories open for nominations are diverse, ranging from distinguished veterans to provocative movies that challenge norms.

Categories for Nominations Include:

1. Favorite Veteran: Nominate a distinguished veteran who has left an indelible mark on your admiration.

2. Best Dressed Actor (Male/Female): Recognize sartorial excellence in outstanding actors in both male and female categories for the Best Dressed Award.

3. Best Social Media Influencer: Identify the Social Media Influencer whose impact has been truly transformative.

4. Most Controversial Actor (Male/Female): Cast your nomination for the Most Intriguing Actor (Male/Female) who has sparked noteworthy conversations.

5. Most Controversial Movie: Select the Most Provocative Movie that has stirred discussions and challenged conventional norms.

6. Sexiest Actor (Male/Female): Nominate the Actor (Male/Female) who epitomizes allure and charisma in the Sexiest Actor category.

7. Best Film Distribution Company: Acknowledge the excellence of the Best Film Distribution Company in shaping the cinematic landscape.

8. Best Original Nollywood Film Distributor: Nominate the Best Original Nollywood Film Distributor who has championed unique and compelling storytelling.

9. Most Hyped Movie: Nominate the Movie that garnered the most anticipation and attention as the Most Hyped Movie.

10. Best Content Creator: Celebrate the creativity and impact of the Best Content Creator in shaping digital narratives.

11. Extend a Helping Hand: Nominate bedridden thespians in need. Let’s shine a spotlight on their resilience and provide the support they deserve. Together we can make a difference in their lives.

12. Best Nollywood PR Agency: Nominate the best Nollywood Public Relations powerhouse.

Film enthusiasts and industry professionals are encouraged to submit their nominations through this link. 👇

The nomination period closes on January 1, 2024.

For more information and to submit nominations, visit

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