Good films aren’t always a product of just actors because actors alone with no pretty story are just dancing without music on. Filmmakers within the film industry are like the music, they not only arrange the film or set, they bring it to fruition either through teamwork or every other available means and these are beautiful. We can’t accredit the success of the 2023 movie year to just the actors alone even if they were most in our faces. The filmmakers comprising of creators, producers, and  Directors  of the films that make it to our screens. I like to tag them the behind the scene guys coz really they might not be seen, but interestingly they are always there making the mark and making sure the story they try to tell is a beautifully worthy one. 

For the 2023 season, these legends did exceptionally well and it reflects in the movies that came our way this season as More filmmakers ceased the opportunity to stand out and deliver premium quality and movies all year long. 

In this article, we will be outlining for filmmakers that made the mark and stood out in 2023.

1.) Jade Osiberu:

Giving us “Gangs of Lagos” and “Trades” in the first quarter of the year, she seamlessly and confidently earned her place as one of the top stars for this season.  Both of her movies not only told the Nigerian story as Is, it also explores the dynamics of a conventional everyday Nigeria both in the ghetto and in the elites while also breaking reward and getting nominated for worthy Awards. Gangs of Lagos for instance signed the beginning of a three year contract between Greoh Studios owned by Jade and Amazon prime videos to bring local Films and share Africa’s Authentic story.

2. Femi Adebayo:

He takes his place as number two with the release of Jagun Jagun, an epic Cultural film which took over the Netflix international streaming platform and broke records thanks to its quality and style. Jagun Jagun Sits pretty as the top 10 movies to trend on netflix in 18 countries, Making it one of the top movies. Jagun Jagun was also rated at the ARIFF festival as one of the top cultural movies. Femi Adebayo takes his crown for consistently portraying Yoruba Culture and putting it out there consistently.  And on this note, it seems like he has plans to give us more as he announces the release of “Seven Doors’ ‘ Set to be released within the first quarter of 2024.

3. Editi Effiong:

Setting his mark and making an unconventional entry into Nollywood, Editi Effiong introduced the Black book. The film marks his debut entry into the Nollywood industry unconventional and indelible as it was easily rated as one of our top Nollywood action movies we have seen in a while.

The Action and revenge thriller not only captured our attention, it also broke records as it became the first Nollywood film to make it to the No.3 Netflix global film charts in 2023.  Garnering 5.6 million views in 48 hours screams quality and great artistry. And closed out with an interesting record of  Netflix top 10 in over 69 countries.

4. CJ Obasi:

With the release of Mami water, the movie is now referred to as “Art” because of its uniqueness and strong display of Africa’s culture and belief. Mami Wata emerged as one the nation’s Flagship exports and went on to reinforce the filmmaker’s stand as an unconventional filmmaker.

The movie went on to get nominated at FESPACO for 3 different categories: Prix de la Critique (African Critics Award), Meilleure Image (Cinematography Award), and Meilleur Décor (Set Design Award). Respectively. It also went on to be chosen as one of Nigeria’s entries for the best international feature film for 2023 and also earned a nomination at the best international film category at the 39th independent and spirits award.

These are a few of the notable nominations bagged by the unconventional film giving CJ Obasi his place as one of Nigeria’s top creators.

5. Funke Akindele:

Beginning the 2023 season with record breaking Battle on Buka street, she later gave us a blockbuster at the end of 2023 releasing “A Tribe Called Judah ” which has gone on to break cinema records and amassed N400 million naira in 12 days nationwide. Known for her release of quality movies, she has held up her energy and ended 2023 on a high note and with interesting films.v

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