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The legendary Nollywood action franchise, Issakaba, is gearing up for a triumphant return after a hiatus of 23 years! The highly anticipated sequel, not a remake, but a continuation of the iconic saga, is generating waves of excitement within the film industry and among avid fans.

The inaugural Issakaba film, hitting screens in 1999, weaves a compelling narrative around the Issakaba Boys, a group of local vigilantes under the leadership of the formidable Ebube, portrayed by Sam Dede. Confronted by armed robbers wielding mystical powers and enchantments, Ebube and his Issakaba Boys venture into a mission to safeguard their community, gaining extraordinary powers along the way.

Issakaba, an anagram for Bakassi, draws inspiration from the Bakassi Boys, a real-life community vigilante group formed in 1998 to combat crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder in Nigeria’s South-Eastern region. The film’s narrative intricately weaves together the gripping story of the Issakaba Boys, led by Ebube, as they confront armed robbers wielding mystical powers and charms.

The Return/Reboot

The backbone of the original Issakaba cast remains intact, with Sam Dede reprising his role as the renowned Ebube. Sam Dede, who took a hiatus from acting to pursue a career in academia, returns to the screen with a renewed passion, evident in his recent notable roles in movies like ‘Breath of Life,’ ‘Brotherhood,’ and ‘Merry Men 3.’

Directed by Lancelot Imasuen, the film promises to capture the essence of the 1999 classic while infusing fresh energy with the inclusion of Chidi Mokeme, Nosa Rex, Iyabo Ojo and Big Brother Naija star Unusual Phyna.

The reboot, while promising a contemporary touch, vows to maintain the original’s intensity, blending elements of action, horror, and drama.

Financial Appeal for Ailing Director Reginald Ebere

Amidst the excitement, a poignant plea for support echoes from actor Sam Dede, urging the public and fellow colleagues to rally behind movie director Reginald Ebere. Bedridden and suffering from the aftermath of two strokes, Reginald, who penned the original Issakaba script, now finds himself in a challenging situation. On the set of the Issakaba reboot, Sam Dede and filmmaker Lancelot Imasuen organized a fundraiser, demonstrating the industry’s solidarity by contributing funds to assist Reginald.

Social Media Buzz Amplified by Davido’s Influence

As anticipation for Issakaba Part 2 reaches a fever pitch, social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram, are abuzz with excitement. A teaser shared by Iyabo Ojo on Instagram, featuring a clip from the set and the unmistakable voice of singer Davido who featured in Kizz Daniel’s ‘Twe Twe’ remix, has ignited a viral frenzy. Fans, recognizing Davido’s influence, attribute the movie’s return to his mentioning “Issakaba” in the ‘Twe Twe’ remix, turning the sequel into a trending topic.

Fans Eagerly Await Release Date

The fervor surrounding Issakaba’s return is further heightened by fans expressing their eagerness on various platforms. Twitter users, in particular, applaud Davido’s impact, with some predicting that his involvement will propel Issakaba Part 2 to unprecedented levels of popularity.

As the film remains in production, the release date remains undisclosed, adding an element of suspense to the unfolding narrative.

As we eagerly await the return of the iconic Issakaba franchise, the stage is set for a thrilling sequel that promises to capture the essence of the original while introducing new elements. The question now lingers: Which actor do you believe should join the cast and add their unique flair to the Issakaba saga?

The world of Nollywood is brimming with talented individuals, and we’re curious to hear your thoughts! Who would you love to see alongside Sam Dede, Chidi Mokeme, and the rest of the cast in this cinematic revival? Share your casting dreams, predictions, and favorites in the comments below.

Stay tuned for updates as the industry prepares for the return of ‘Issakaba’!

By Shalom O. Obisesan

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