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Iwájú: Two friends, two worlds, One future.

Following a week filled with gripping drama and thrilling adventure in the world of Iwájú, which captivated audiences on DStv and GOtv, those who missed out now have the opportunity to indulge in a binge-watch marathon on DStv, Disney Channel (Channel 303), and GOtv Channel 92 on Sunday, 5 May, starting from 12:35 pm.

Iwájú is a six-episode miniseries that is proudly African, with a particular focus on the vibrant city of Lagos. Through its vivid animation, viewers are taken on a trip into a futuristic version of Lagos that is familiar yet advanced.

At the center of Iwájú is the innocent and adventurous Tola (Simisola Gbadamosi) a 10-year-old girl whose father, Tunde, has shielded her within the safety of their home on Lagos Island. Eager to experience the buzz of the big city on the Mainland with her best friend, Kole, Tola’s curiosity throws her right into the court of the dangerous Bode DeSousa (Femi Branch), a crime lord whose fortune has been made running a kidnapping racket in which he extracts heavy ransoms from the wealthy parents of the kids he steals from the streets.

For Tola’s milestone 10th birthday, Tunde, a tech genius whose work with robotics and AI has kept him from truly bonding with his daughter, gives her Otin, a robotic agama lizard programmed solely to protect her.

Eager to experience the Mainland against her father’s wishes, Tola and Kole head to the Ajegunle Market, where Tola ultimately ends up in the clutches of Bode. The story simply unfolds from this point on, but the accuracy in depicting the difference in wealth and economic status in Lagos hits hard. Tola’s empathetic and upbeat nature is central to the story and allows her and Kole, with a lot of help from Otin, to prove their courage to Tunde.

Iwájú has brought a fresh and relatable perspective, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking a storyline different from the regular. Viewers can also anticipate the adventure packed in the next episode, as the show leaves no room for evident predictions.

For viewers yet to savour the thrill of this adventure-packed journey, there has never been a better opportunity to binge-watch all episodes, as it airs on DStv, Disney Channel (Channel 303), and GOtv Channel 92 on Sunday, 5 May, starting from 12:35 pm.

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