Nollywood has some of the finest faces Nigeria has to offer. If you were looking to compile a list of ‘Yoruba demons’, heading to the biggest TV series on the air right now may be the way to go, and Africa Magic has a plethora of some of the biggest series the nation is watching right now.

Before we dive into the list of the finest men on TV, you must remember that ‘Yoruba demon’ is just an umbrella term for sexy men who know they are smoking hot and can work for all Nigerian tribes. Check out the sweetest eye candies below and tell us who rules the list.

1. Vine Olugu: Vine is currently on Africa Magic’s Ripples reboot, Ripples: The New Generation, where he plays the sexy boyfriend of oil mogul Doris Dehinde-Phillips and a secret scam artist. Whether or not his character is evil, you’ll still find yourself falling in love with gorgeous dark skin, bright smiles and broad soldiers. The fact that his body is a sculpted work of art, perfected by hours at the gym, makes him so much hotter. You’ll also find him on Dilemma, currently airing on Africa Magic Urban.

2. Eso Dike: Eso Dike is the man ruling the TV scene right now. Appearing on Ricordi, Our Best Friend’s Wedding, Clinically Speaking, and Riona, there are four different films you can enjoy watching the tall, dark and handsome actor on, and Africa Magic is your best plus. The actor has gathered a reputation for playing bad boy roles the way he does on  Ricordi, Our Best Friend’s Wedding, and Clinically Speaking, but you’ll enjoy seeing him shirtless for most of Riona, currently airing on Africa Magic Epic.

3. David Okpo Eyo: David started his career in entertainment as a model, like Vine, so that should already tell you all you need to know. He is Mr Tourism 2021, Face of Zaron 2022, and ‘Adekunle Ijimakinde’ on Covenant. As Adekunle, David plays the role of a rich kid and son of the ex-Governor of Lagos. He is a dangerous man who will kill anyone standing in his path. On the other, he’s a fierce lover that will go to the ends of the earth to protect his loved ones. Still, you’ll find yourself drawn to him and his character with his broad shoulders, beautiful face and carefully sculpted frame.

4.  Ian Wordi: Ian is a Ghanaian actor making a name for himself in Nollywood. Like his Ghanaian brothers – Chris Attoh and Mawuli Gavor, he is a dark-skin, over six-foot tall and handsome man. Ian is currently playing the role of Inspector Richard on Ripples: The New Generation and we promise if all Nigerian policemen looked that yummy, more women would commit crime. Lol! His show is on every Wednesday at 9 pm on Africa Magic Showcase. He is also on Venge as Kamara. Any show you catch him on will give you a great storyline, fantastic acting and beautiful actors.

5. Valentine Ohu: Valentine plays ‘Santiago Dos Santos’ in the Africa Magic political thriller Covenant. At first, you’ll find yourself hating his character, but after watching the beautiful caramel-skinned actor and his disarming smiles, you’ll soon find yourself rooting for the actor. You’ll fancy yourself in love with him if you watch only ten episodes of this 260-episode film on AM Showcase every weeknight.

6. Daniel Abua: Daniel is ‘Elo Dehinde-Philips’ on Ripples: The New Generation, but in real life, he is a light-skinned, tall hunk of a man, model, father and husband. We threw in the last two so you can cautiously approach before you catch a few episodes of the actor on Ripples and fall in love with someone’s husband. Still, he is delightful to watch, and his great acting also gives him a double bonus in our books.

7. Ibrahim Jammal: Ibrahim makes us feel the same way Ian does about the Nigerian Police. We love watching the actor as Inspector Danladi Dikko because just seeing him on TV makes us feel 100% safer. As part of an elite force of Police officers, his scenes in Crime and Justice Lagos have him running a lot and doing other action-packed activities, and every clip is a revelation. If Jammal and his beautiful face and structured body didn’t make this list, someone would have had to smack us! Crime and Justice airs every Sunday at 9 pm on Africa Magic Showcase.

8. Austine Onuoha: Austine is the sexiest ‘Aare’ you’ll ever see, and we’ll wait for you to try to dispute that fact. Austine plays ‘Odejinmi’ on Africa Magic’s Itura. While you hate him for being a selfish, self-obsessed, narrow-minded man, you’ll still catch yourself making excuses for his many maidens because you’d agree that you could also fall for the delicious-looking man’s charms.

9. Preach Bassey: Preach is the people’s man, ‘Uncle Jay’, in the Africa Magic political thriller Covenant. However, beneath his generosity and kindness lays a dangerous man, and the brooding danger makes him appear sexier. As they say, girls love bad boys, and Jay is the quintessential bad boy and lover boy all rolled into one character. We know you’d also be rooting for him after just ten episodes of watching Preach as ‘Uncle Jay’ or ‘Modurodola Kane Ijimakinde (Junior)’.

If the thought of enjoying a surplus of eye candy on these Africa Magic series does not entice you to immediately get on Africa Magic to set reminders for all these shows, nothing will. If you would also love to reconnect so you can watch these men, you can do so from the comfort of your house with self-service on the MyDStv app or by using *288#. You can also catch all these shows anywhere on the DStv app at showtimes or watch past episodes on DStv Catch Up.

For more information on these shows and other programming, visit https://www.dstv.com/africamagic/en-ng/home.

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