Nollywood has produced a lot of bad guys. These guys like Sam Dede were usually brutish and were gunmen who could be called upon at any time to perform, and they would do so with ease. Nonetheless, Nollywood has also produced a number of people who have been known for their wickedness. People who never hesitated to murder in cold blood because the needed to get ahead, or maybe for the fun of it.

Here is Inside Nollywood’s top 5:

5. Clemson Cornell Nonyelum: Clemson Cornel Nonyelu, widely known as “Agbogidi,” is a prominent Nigerian actor, producer, production manager, and public figure. He gained recognition and acclaim for his exceptional portrayal of Chief priest roles in Nollywood, earning him the prestigious Nollywood Best Chief Priest Role award. His breakthrough came with the film “Mysteries of the Cowries,” which propelled him into the limelight.

Agbogidi is a quintessential African with a deep understanding of culture and traditions, a quality that significantly enhances the authenticity of his movie performances. His profound knowledge of the customs and practices of his homeland adds a genuine touch to his roles, setting him apart from other Nollywood actors who tackle similar characters. If you’re a fan of epic Nollywood cinema, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Agbogidi’s memorable portrayals as a native doctor, Chief priest, traditionalist, or local Chief in various films, as well as for his killing.

4. Chinwetalu Agu: Chinwetalu Agu, a distinguished luminary in the realm of Nigerian cinema, has intricately woven the theme of mortality into the tapestry of his illustrious acting career. A prominent actor and comedian hailing from Nigeria, born on the 5th of January, 1956, in the vibrant heart of Enugu State, Agu’s cinematic journey has seen him breathe life into characters both whimsical and profound.

A hallmark of Agu’s on-screen persona is his adept incorporation of memorable catchphrases, such as “ovoko,” “imagine the concobility,” and “imagine the idiosyncrasy.” These linguistic gems have not only reverberated through the cinematic landscape but have also permeated the collective consciousness, elevating him to a status beyond the silver screen.

In his cinematic roles, Agu often deftly navigates the shadowy realm of mortality through characters who wield voodoo as a formidable narrative instrument. This mystic art, infused with an aura of otherworldly potency, serves as a central motif in his performances. It intertwines seamlessly with his portrayals, creating an air of intrigue that captivates audiences and beckons them to explore the enigmatic dimensions of existence.

Within the intricate tapestry of his filmography, Agu has lent his prowess to characters who employ lethal tactics to advance their agendas. These complex personas, driven by ambition or the pursuit of power, find expression in films such as “Taboo,” “Evil Intention,” and “Bloody Campus.” Through these roles, Agu delves into the darker facets of the human psyche, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate dance between morality and personal desire.

Agu’s remarkable portrayal of a father’s unyielding devotion to his daughter’s well-being serves as a vivid portrayal of the lengths to which a patriarch’s love can extend. In “Father’s Blood” and “Bitter Blessing,” he embodies characters who navigate the treacherous waters of filial bonds, unafraid to confront dire circumstances and make fateful decisions that reverberate with themes of sacrifice, protection, and even retribution.

Chinwetalu Agu’s artistic odyssey within the captivating domain of Nollywood has been a symphony of roles infused with the concept of mortality. Through catchphrases that have transcended the screen, mystic narratives woven around voodoo, and the exploration of characters enmeshed in mortal struggles, Agu has left an indelible mark on Nigerian cinema. His portrayals resonate with audiences, inviting them to contemplate the intricate dance between life and death, morality and ambition, making him a true luminary in the pantheon of Nollywood greats. I wonder who would like to marry his real life daughters.

3. Pete Edochie: Pete Edochie, Popularly known as Okonkwo is a venerable and revered figure in the vibrant tapestry of Nigerian cinema, has ingeniously woven the theme of mortality, murder and blood into the intricate fabric of his illustrious acting journey. Widely hailed as a trailblazer and a paragon of unparalleled talent, Edochie’s cinematic odyssey stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication and profound mastery of his craft. Born on the 7th of March, 1947, his narrative within the realm of Nollywood is an enchanting fusion of artistic prowess and captivating storytelling.

A riveting dimension that distinguishes Pete Edochie’s luminous career lies in his portrayal of enigmatic occult leaders within the cinematic canvas. Possessing an uncanny aptitude for channeling the mystique and otherworldly allure inherent in such characters, Edochie’s very presence on screen commands attention. His embodiment of these occult leaders is an intricate dance between gravitas and fascination, a mesmerizing interplay that captivates audiences and imbues his characters with an air of cryptic authority. Staring into empty space could mean death to his victims.

Beyond the surface, Edochie’s artistry in bringing these occult leaders to life delves into the labyrinthine motivations and ambitions that drive them. Far from being one-dimensional tropes, his portrayals transcend superficiality to unveil multifaceted personas, suffused with complexity and depth. From “Cult of Shadows” to “Secrets of the Unseen,” Edochie’s immersion in these roles is an exploration of the human psyche at its most intricate, leaving an indelible imprint on the minds of viewers.

Moreover, Edochie’s artistry extends to characters who derive a disconcerting sense of pleasure from inflicting harm. This intriguing facet of his repertoire intertwines menace and charisma in a masterful symphony, creating characters whose actions exude an eerie magnetism. Edochie’s portrayal of those who revel in acts of malevolence showcases his nuanced comprehension of the human condition, skillfully capturing the unsettling duality of charm and darkness.

Within the narrative tapestry of films like “The Dark Enticement” and “Shadows of Desire,” Edochie’s performances encapsulate the chilling essence of characters whose motivations traverse the murky landscapes of the human psyche. Through his art, he unravels the complexities of morality and motivation, inviting audiences to traverse the corridors of contemplation long after the final scenes fade away.

Pete Edochie’s cinematic voyage is an exploration of the themes of mortality and the enigmatic allure of occult leadership. His evocative portrayals not only transcend the realm of entertainment but elevate it to an intellectually stimulating experience. By infusing his characters with a captivating blend of charm and malevolence, Edochie delves into the depths of human complexity, etching a profound mark on the tapestry of Nollywood. From his iconic roles as occult leaders to his portrayal of those who derive pleasure from harm, Edochie’s contributions are an enduring testament to his mastery of the cinematic craft.

2. Kanayo O. Kanayo: Do you want to make a sacrifice? Kanayo O. Kanayo is the go to guy. Kanayo O. Kanayo, a revered and influential figure in the captivating realm of Nigerian cinema, has artfully woven the theme of mortal consequences into the intricate fabric of his illustrious acting career. With his remarkable ability to traverse the multifaceted spectrum of characters, he has skillfully embraced roles that delve into the mystique of occult killings, captivating audiences with his compelling portrayals. Born Anayo Modestus Onyekwere on March 1, 1962, his journey within Nollywood is a riveting narrative of versatility, impactful storytelling, and the indomitable mark he has etched upon the Nigerian film industry.

A defining thread interwoven throughout Kanayo O. Kanayo’s cinematic voyage is his unparalleled aptitude for breathing life into characters entangled in the realm of occult killings. With an uncanny ability to embody the enigmatic and often chilling aspects of these personas, he stands as a true master of his craft. From his early roles to his recent endeavors, Kanayo O. Kanayo has embarked on a transformative journey through the intricacies of these characters, evoking a mesmerizing blend of intrigue and fascination that enthralls audiences.

His cinematic repertoire includes iconic films such as “Living in Bondage” and “Checkmate,” where his portrayal of individuals involved in occult killings takes center stage. These performances offer a compelling exploration of the blurred boundaries between the material and the supernatural, delving into the intricate motives and psychological complexities that drive characters to navigate the realms of mysticism and malevolence. Kanayo O. Kanayo’s ability to channel the dark allure of these roles adds a layer of authenticity that resonates deeply with viewers, immersing them in a captivating narrative that lingers long after the credits roll.

In these roles, Kanayo O. Kanayo deftly captures the tension between the earthly and the ethereal, delving into the intricate dance between life and death. His performances encapsulate the chilling essence of characters who wield occult powers to inflict harm or mete out fatal consequences, crafting a narrative tapestry that traverses the corridors of both fear and fascination. These portrayals offer a thought-provoking exploration of the boundaries of human nature and the mysterious forces that shape our choices and actions.

In addition to his cinematic endeavors, Kanayo O. Kanayo’s impact extends beyond the screen, as he actively engages in philanthropic initiatives and advocacy efforts. His commitment to education and positive change mirrors the transformative themes he embodies in his roles, solidifying his role as not only an actor but a beacon of inspiration and change within society.

Kanayo O. Kanayo’s cinematic journey is a captivating saga that intertwines the theme of occult killings with his exceptional acting prowess. Through his portrayal of characters entangled in the mystique of dark powers, he invites audiences to explore the enigmatic dimensions of human existence and the intricate dance between mortal actions and otherworldly consequences. His legacy, as exemplified by iconic films like “Living in Bondage” and “Checkmate,” continues to resonate as a testament to his mastery of the craft and his ability to artfully unravel the enigmatic threads of the human experience.

1. Columbus Irosanga: Our choice for number 1 is Columbus Irosanga, popularly known as Igbudu, his character in the blockbuster, Isakaba. Igbudu has played numerous roles as a native doctor, or occult member, but one thing is clear, Irosanga was the kind of man who would kill a whole nation if he wanted to, simply because he had the powers to. The best  bet was rushing to him first, and  being on his side always, because like King Dacvid, whoever was not for him was against him, no fence sitting.

Although he murdered others for wealth making purposes, Igbudu mostly killed for the fun of it. If you wanted someone dead and you informed him about it, there was no going back. Going to tell him you have forgiven the person means one thing, two deaths, you and the person.

His laughter was loud and maniacal, striking fear into the hearts of even movie lovers, and one could not help but feel relieved when he was finally defeated.

Let us know who you would have added or replaced.

By Abu Onyiani

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