The Marriot Hotel Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria, is set to host a cinematic extravaganza as the Next Gen Evolve Conference 2023 takes center stage on the 26th of October. Themed “Next Gen Evolve,” this conference is poised to be a landmark event that brings together a diverse array of young filmmakers, producers, movie critics, directors, film financiers, marketing managers, content creators, film school students, and brand makers. With renowned judges like Bukola Oloyede, Ramsey Nouah, Chris Odeh, and Kayode Kasum presiding, this gathering promises to be a melting pot of ideas, creativity, and industry expertise.

The Next Gen Evolve Conference 2023 is more than just another industry event, it’s a milestone in the journey of nurturing the next generation of filmmakers. In a rapidly evolving film industry, where technology and creativity converge in unprecedented ways, conferences like this serve as vital platforms for emerging talent to learn, grow, and connect. They provide a crucial bridge between the old guard and the newcomers, fostering an environment of innovation and mentorship.

Among the attendees, one can expect a dynamic mix of industry stakeholders. Young filmmakers eager to showcase their creativity and learn from seasoned professionals will rub shoulders with marketing managers looking for innovative strategies to promote their films. Producers and film financiers will explore investment opportunities, while movie critics and directors will engage in critical discussions. Film school students will have a unique chance to learn from the best, and brand makers will explore partnerships that can elevate their profiles.

The panel of judges for the Next Gen Evolve Conference 2023 reads like a who’s who of the film industry. Bukola Oloyede, Ramsey Nouah, Chris Odeh, and Kayode Kasum are all distinguished figures with notable contributions to the world of cinema. Oloyede’s experience in film production, Nouah’s legendary acting career, Odeh’s storytelling prowess, and Kasum’s directorial excellence make them ideal judges for an event that celebrates the evolution of the industry.

A conference of this caliber wouldn’t be complete without engaging discussions. The Next Gen Evolve Conference 2023 is set to explore a range of pivotal topics. From the impact of streaming platforms on the film industry to the challenges and opportunities of independent filmmaking, these discussions promise to be thought-provoking and insightful. Panelists and speakers will delve into issues like diversity and inclusion in the industry, the changing landscape of film distribution, and the power of storytelling in modern cinema.

The Next Gen Evolve Conference will unfold in the luxurious setting of the Marriot Hotel Ikeja in Lagos, a city known for its vibrant cultural scene. This prime location offers a fitting backdrop for this gathering of creative minds. The conference is scheduled for the 26th of October, ensuring that attendees can make the most of a full day of learning and networking.

In the world of film, connections are often as valuable as skills and creativity. The Next Gen Evolve Conference 2023 recognizes this and provides ample opportunities for networking. Attendees can expect to meet and interact with industry veterans, potential collaborators, and like-minded peers. From casual coffee breaks to dedicated networking sessions, the event is designed to foster meaningful connections.

The Next Gen Evolve Conference 2023 is not merely an event, it is a stepping stone for the future of the film industry. It’s a place where fresh talent and seasoned professionals converge to explore the evolving landscape of cinema. For young filmmakers, this conference offers a rare chance to learn from the best and showcase their skills. For industry veterans, it’s an opportunity to mentor and collaborate with the next generation.

Mark your calendars for October 26th and join us at the Marriot Hotel Ikeja in Lagos for the Next Gen Evolve Conference 2023. Whether you’re a filmmaker, producer, critic, director, financier, marketer, content creator, film student, or brand maker, this event is tailor-made for your journey in the world of cinema. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to evolve with the industry and connect with the future of filmmaking.

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