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These past few weeks in Nollywood has been entertaining with many on our fingers and lips, and others going about their everyday.

While some stayed on our faces for good reasons, others were there for the chaos and opinions. Today, we will be delving and exploring Nollywood stars that were in our faces a lot these past week and why.

We will take a sneak peak into the public’s opinion,what they think and how they went about it.  So, take a seat and let’s ride! Atop our list this list is;

1. Ekene Umenwa Cynthia: Ekene Umenwa is a comic actor who promotes promote Christianity, purity and known as Jesus baby.  She had her wedding a few weeks back and the videos that graced social media put her on the lips of Nigerians . We all had our opinions, what we would have done or how it would have been different and this puts her atop the list. She also added a few more uncommon things like how she fasted for 9 days  before picking her bridesmaids amongst others. These have kept her in the spotlight and made her most talked about.

2. Mr Ibu: Also, known as John Okafor has given Nigerians a run for their money with the many events happening in his life. From How he asked for Nigerian’s help with funds to get treated to which he got positive response. A few days later, his family comes on to say the money wasn’t used for treatment and his legs got amputated. What then happened to the money?

It was withheld from them or was it confiscated? Well, we may never know. And if that wasn’t enough topics of discussion, we went on to hear tales of how he had to stop sleeping with his step daughter because of his son. Ah!

The story never ends. These topics are enough to keep anyone on the lips of Nigerians with a new topic to trash around town.

3. Genevive Nnaji: Third on our list is this veteran star. The talks of how the veteran Nollywood star honoured the ARIFF event last weekend to watch her latest movie “I did not come to you by chance” inspired heartwarming reactions from Nigerians. The talks revolve around how much of an influence she has and how she pulled in the crowd without plenty promotions or advertisement. It took only her presence, screams influence me.

4. Kate Henshaw and Shaffy Bello: These stars are veteran stars. Kate Henshaw and Shaffy Bello who proved in a party that thespians are perfect to trend. They’ve both been on the lips  and fingers of Nigerians because of the dance they gave us at Made Kuti’s wedding. Where they came, served and gave Nigerians a topic to talk about in the coming days. Except their exceptional dance moves, they are both true representations of Blacks don’t crack and funday is anyday.

5. Etinosa Idemudia: One of Nollywood’s finest and most seasoned actresses. She recently talked about taking out her womb due to the complexity of life in a tweet, and how its sole purpose is for us to die, just after we  were born. The actress  stated that “No child of hers is coming to this world to die” and this has put her on the platform for drags and capture as opinion amongst Nigerians won’t stop flying  and dropping.

6. Oladips, the rapper; Though not a Nollywood star, his recent action put him in this list. Oladips announced dead on his Instagram page earlier this week, stating he died due to an illness and right after we were coming to terms with it, it was announced that he isn’t dead, “he just finished eating rice” this incident angered Nigerians with so many stating that he did it to promote his upcoming album which is well, what it is.

Nigerians Nigerians have drunk this artist, talked about them and put them on a high pedestal this past week, with the actions determining how long do drugs for or have less. And there goes the list for our top most talked about stars for  this week.

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