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Femi Adebayo emerges victorious with a N25 million verdict against media house for film piracy.

In a landmark victory against the scourge of piracy plaguing Nigeria’s burgeoning film industry, Femi Adebayo, a prominent filmmaker, has successfully secured a N25 million judgment against a major media house. The ruling represents a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against intellectual property theft, which has long hindered the industry’s growth.

Reflecting on his ordeal, Adebayo lamented the audacity of pirates who brazenly exploit filmmakers’ hard work for illicit gains. Recounting his personal experience, he revealed how his movie, “Survival of Jelili,” fell victim to unauthorized distribution by the media company during its cinema run in 2019. The company, which also operates a prominent radio station and engages in YouTube content distribution, used Adebayo’s movie poster and title to promote a different film on their platform, depriving him of rightful revenue and deceiving fans in the process.

Despite the arduous legal battle that ensued, spanning three years, Adebayo remained resolute in his pursuit of justice. With the unwavering support of his legal team, Bola Adebowale & Co. Legal Practitioners, renowned for their expertise in handling intellectual property cases, Adebayo was able to present compelling evidence and mount a strong defense in court. Their diligence and attention to detail ultimately tipped the scales in his favor, resulting in a decisive victory and the award of N25 million in damages.

For Adebayo, the triumph extends beyond personal vindication, representing a collective win for all stakeholders in the film industry. Emphasizing the importance of combating piracy at every level, he urged fellow filmmakers to remain vigilant in safeguarding their intellectual property rights. With each successful legal action, Adebayo believes the industry moves closer to realizing the true economic value of its creative output, signaling hope for a future free from the threat of piracy.

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