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Africa Magic’s new series, Dust, explores the theme of love in the middle of conflict.

Africa Magic launched a slate of new shows at the start of April, among them is the drama filled series, Dust. The series premiered on April 1st and airs exclusively on Africa Magic Showcase (Channel 151), every weekday at 8 pm.

Dust takes viewers into the world of the Doherty family, and the founders of the renowned Dust Company. Far from your typical villain-driven narrative, this series also intricately weaves themes of love in its many forms.

The love story explored in the series is seen in a complicated love triangle between Marcus (David Adoga), Zainab (Racheal Emem), Rhodes (Asa’ah Samuel), Sugar (Prisca Nwaobodo), and Zara (Ruby Okezie). The main focus is between Marcus and Rhodes Doherty, brothers whose lives are entwined by their family’s machinations. Picture those affluent clans portrayed in films, where the children are mere pawns in their parents’ power games—that’s what Dust also portrays.

Marcus Doherty is the second and last son of Hajiya (Eyiyemi Olivia) and Olamide Doherty (Bassey Ekpo). In his earlier years, He was the perfect picture of the proverbial black sheep, independent in his will to live life at the edge with zero consequences. But life clips his wings when he is exiled from home after an accident involving Zara, the child of an aspiring, upright politician. Upon his return home with girlfriend Zainab, pregnant with his child, his past comes back to haunt him when his culpability in Zara’s tragedy is revealed.

Marcus is now forced into the idea of marriage with Zara to salvage family ties. However, Zara’s budding affection for Rhodes, Marcus’ brother, adds complexity to their situation: A relationship founded on their common interest in flowers and gardening.

Meanwhile, Rhodes is in a relationship with Sugar, the vibrant and fiery daughter of Garuba. Chosen for Rhodes by his mother, Hajiya. Sugar’s initial charm masks a deeper agenda. Her love for Rhodes borders on obsession, and her loyalty shifts as the story unfolds. From “random girlfriend” to “vindictive antagonist,” Sugar’s transformation promises explosive twists and turns.

This is merely a glimpse into the intricacies of the romantic entanglements that Dust brings, as it continues to captivate audiences on Africa Magic. Tune in to catch your favorite and most complicated ship every weekday at 8 pm, exclusively on Africa Magic Showcase (Channel 151).

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