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It’s great content galore, and DStv has got you covered! Enjoy a little of everything- from reality TV shows like Big Brother Naija to original Nigerian dramas like Ripples: The New Generation and Hidden, and live TV shows like What Will People Say and Judging Matters.

There are also several other international channels with something for everyone. From the foodies, who would love Food Network, TLC, and Honey TV, to the news buffs, who can spend all day switching from CNN, Aljazeera, and Arise News to the sports lovers, who want more than just football – everyone wins! Even the children will have the best time during this summer break, getting the best from Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cebeebies, and more.

Here are 10 channels you should totally be making the best of right now:

1. BBN HD: This is the 24/7 channel of the brand-new season of Big Brother Naija. If you haven’t heard of the ‘All-Stars’ season, it would mean you have an issue with the internet. Still, here’s your chance to catch up before it’s too late. This eighth season has all your favourite housemates from the last six seasons in one house. The 20 of them are vying for a chance to be the most prominent BBNaija housemate of all time and win N120 million plus other gifts. It’s only the first week, and the drama is already at an all-time high.

When you watch Big Brother Naija on DStv ch. 198, it allows you to get your favourite housemate to the finals. DStv subscribers will enjoy as much as 2,500 votes per voting cycle for their preferred contestants and stand a chance to win N1 million in the Fave Lock-in competition.

2. Africa Magic Showcase: DStv channel 151 is only available on Compact Plus and Premium packages but has the best original African content. On this channel, you enjoy all the nostalgia from the 90s on Ripples: The New Generation and great acting on shows like Itura, Covenant, The Hidden, and more. You can also watch live-audience reality shows like What Will People Say and Judging Matters, where the first connects lovers with the audience’s help. The latter helps solve petty disputes in Nigeria’s most hilarious court. You’ll have the best time no matter the show or Nollywood movie you choose to see.

3. The news channels: The world is evolving quickly, and if you miss out on the news for more than one day, many things will change before you get a chance to catch up. With 24-hour news channels like CNN, Aljazeera, Arise News, News Central, BBC News, and Sky News, you have global information at the tip of your fingers.

4. The faith channels: Sometimes when things seem like they are getting harder by the day, all you need is a little spiritual TLC. Get lost in countless of teachings and prayer channels on the faith-based channels available on DStv. Whether you are a Christian or Muslim, there’s something for everyone. From Faith Network and TBN Africa to the Islam channel, you can escape to a higher plain.

5. The kiddies channels: With school wrapping up for the session, trust that the children are about to take over! Keep your kids entertained with meaningful content on kids’ channels like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, PBS, JimJam, Moonbug, and the rest. Remember that you can control every content the children can access with the parental control feature on DStv.

6. The music channels: Sometimes, all you need to destress from a busy day or week is some good-old fashion dancing. That’s where the DStv music stations come in! Even if you need an inexpensive DJ, you can get it in one subscription. With channels like Trace and its variations, MTV Base, Soundcity, Hip TV, Urban TV, and Afro Music, say goodbye to boring playlists and hello to a world of options.

7. SuperSport football channels: La Liga and Premier League are back this August, but in the main time, you can enjoy all the live action from the Women’s World Cup on the different SuperSport channels.

8. Africa Magic indigenous channels: Africa Magic has a ton of content in your local language, either Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa, that will take you back to your roots. Most importantly, bribe your mum or mother-in-law to help care for the children this summer with the promise of full access to her favourite indigenous language channels, and calculate how much you’ll be saving in child-care bills.

9. The lifestyle channels: Learn a thing or two, live vicariously, or immerse yourself in the lives of others across the globe with fun lifestyle stations like Honey TV, E! Entertainment, TLC, BBC Lifestyle, Food Network and more. You’ll find abundant content on these channels, from scrumptious foods to fashion tips and all the pop-culture gist you need.

10. SuperSport MotorSport: This channel is for the most premium Nigerians. Introducing you to a world of fast cars, controlled danger, and expensive sporting, the dedicated Formula 1 channel is all you need if you have a thing for cars. The 2023 F1 season has come to more than half of the trips. While Red Bull and Max Verstappen are still in the lead, anything can happen, and the last set of races proves it. So, enjoy all the live action from around the world on SuperSport Motorsport (DStv ch. 215).

What are you waiting for? Reconnect your DStv right now by simply dialling *288# or visiting the MyDStv app. You can also upgrade to a higher package with more content using the same self-service options listed above. For more information on the best of DStv content, visit

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