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Abosi Ogba who wrote this 2022 VSL Media movie, Passport, deserves an award. So does the director, Dimeji Ajibola. Little wonder Film One chose to distribute the movie and got it on Netflix.

This time around, the ladies man, Jim Iyke, plays the role of Oscar, a smooth talking intentionally idle son of a billionaire who assumes his sister is the one his late father’s business was passed on to take care of when he is the one that refuses to be part of the business but would rather keep borrowing from everyone and anyone to sustain his party lifestyle.

The first scene is my favourite first scene of all time. I laughed my heart out at how Oscar, the Jim Iyke character, tries to work his friends to take care of the bill in a birthday party for his girlfriend…which is meant to be his engagement night. He couldn’t even pay for an engagement ring. “…family heirloom.” Hahahahah.

But I was disappointed with Iyke for not giving me that “innit” London accent. The ‘sister’ did a better job. She still did a sloppy job at the accent and mannerism, innit. Well well.

The duo of Zubby ‘Eze Ndi Ara’ Michael and Mercy Johnson Okojie playing Terminator and Kopiko respectively and rivals in a ghetto hood took the comedy to another level. Men! These guys are good. ‘1964 bear bear!’

Not to talk of the Nasboi character Kasper and that of Lateef Adedimeji, Abubakar. It was as if the movie Passport brought the alter egos of all the thespians that featured in the movie.

The way Oscar’s bag was made away with by Tobe and Mighty (played by Lina Idoko) was quite ‘mirthical’. The chase was very funny. And then because he could not do the Londoner, he claims to have schooled in the US.

I would say that the Mighty character deserves an award for the best new act. Scene after scene, ‘Passport’ got me cracking my ribs laughing so hard.

The tempo of the movie is so genius. And the way the dots start connecting as the movie progresses is so brilliant. And the way they kept promoting a particular gin through the movie.

The story is about a stolen passport and all the drama that went into a wild goose chase for the bag that contained the passport when the passport had fallen off at the spot where the heist had taken place.

The concept of ‘lowlife’ was explored and the theme of man’s interdependence with his fellow man regardless of status.

The harrowing experience Oscar received in the ghetto seems to be be his turning point and he becomes more civil.

Oscar warms up to Kopiko. He helps her take her sick mum to the hospital while she helps him get his passport from Terminator. Kopiko no gree in the male dominated hood and it is obvious Terminator is scared of her and then she dares Terminator and he shoots her in the stomach. The billionaire money comes to play and she survives it. The hood, Brown Development Union begs her to take over chairmanship of the hood. Beautiful ending.

Passport was really a very thorough production and every bit of it was so entertaining. It seems to make a case for those who happened to live in the ghetto and are forced to get involved in criminal activities just to survive. It also seems to make a conversation about what makes ladies behave like men and act tom-boyish. Passport seems to say that there is no need for anyone to act so important or be pompous as anybody can help anybody and everybody is victim to the vicissitudes of life.

In a genius way, this 120 minutes movie, Passport brought the two ends of the social status spectrum and teaches everyone life lessons that would make life better if and when followed. These life lessons were; be humble, learn to listen, don’t take advantage of people, share your problems, live within your means, don’t ever anyone as everyone has a cross to carry.

Passport deserves more accolade than it has gotten so far. And I bet you that it takes a more artistic mind to get the genius in the movie and appreciate the work that went into producing the movie. No Nollywood comedy has gotten it this right in a long time.

Passport came with a depth that you find lacking in many movies especially those of a comic nature and I am sure I will watch this movie over and over again.

A minimal cast was used to achieve so much background and great suspense throughout the movie and the climax was when the Mercy Johnson character got shot and everyone ran.

I however think that the screenwriter overdid it with some of the lines that were used to establish some background to some of the characters. Take for instance the scene where a nurse was asking Mercy Johnson whether she did not spend 3 years in school to get a diploma.

Finally, I give it to Passport for being able to clear doubts. The movie would show a scene that seems like there is a fluke in it and then after the next couple of scenes, something would happen or someone would say something that would make sense of that stuff you were struggling with in your mind.

I give Passport a 5/5 and would recommend it for everyone seeking to watch something thoroughly entertaining.

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  • Ostar Eze

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