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Directed by: Kevin Luther Apaa

Written by: Kevin Luther Apaa

Released on: 26th January, 2024

Language: English and Yoruba

Stream Site: Cinemas

Inside Nollywood Rating: 2.5

Nigerian movies for a while have given us a relatable feeling and a touch of home all while telling a pretty story. And meeting Funmi’s parents is not an exception, though characterized by poor cinematography, we can still agree that it told a very relatable story of a typical Yoruba film.

Set in Lagos and Los Angeles, Meeting Funmi’s Parents revolves around an interracial couple, who just got engaged. And the relationship hitting rock bottom. Jason and Funmi’s beautiful love story became ugly upon their return to Nigeria coz first, Funmi’s Father(Akin Lewis) did not approve of the relationship and would do anything to see to its end. An abusive, Insensitive but Loving Jason (Roman Thomson), and ever persistent Ayo(Timini Egbuson) all set the pace for a failed relationship.

While insecure Jason Travels back to LA, Funmi decides to stay back to be with her grandma who was diagnosed with stage four cancer and has less than 3 months to live. With pain and heartfelt wishes and breakups flying around, Ayo is there to be a knight in shining armor, A shoulder to lean on and a lover boy who would be with his girl amidst all odds. The film ends with a pregnant Funmi married to Ayo and a confused Jason wondering when she got pregnant and for how long. Will Jason come back for his child? Will the drama truly continue? We are left to figure it out while we wait for the drama to continue.

Directed and Written by Kevin Luther Apaa, The movie is a representation of a good story, great acting but poor casting. We would commend the roles and acting played by Timini Egbuson, Omowumi dada, Roman Thomson, Tina Mba, Broda Shaggi and Soso as they gave great acting and a premium display of emotions. With Funmi, played by Omowunmi Dada, we could literally feel everything she went through from the heartbreak to the Joy, every feeling she had was optimally displayed and felt.

Timini as expected did what he was good at and gave us a good fair representation of Ayo, because he barely ate the calm loverboy role or being the Yoruba demon he was posed to be at the beginning. It was exhausting that we barely got to meet any of these personalities because there was not a place for them. The calm lover boy role expected of Timini, would have been better played by Frederick Leonard Coz of the demeanor and distinctiveness we expected from this role.

Jason, played by Roman Thomson, optimally represented his role and did a great job at portraying the lost and jealous white dude with a Nigerian lady in her home country. Every emotion and insensitive thing felt was properly represented on his end, we got through the pain and I don’t think he overplayed any of his roles so far.

Broda shaggi and Soso did a good job as minor  roles and represented their roles properly with a sprinkle of humor and entertainment. Tina Mba and Akin Lewis gave us the definition of a culture man and an understanding wife, a perfect African combo. Watching the typical display of home made it relatable and truly unique.

The cinematography could have been better in every way it could have been done, The camera angle was quite poor as important parts were omitted because the camera couldn’t get there which was a problem to a large extent. Also the sound quality and music of choice was poor and way below standard for a film of that calibre.

“Meeting for his parents” is rated a 2.5/5 because of poor cinematography and casting. Though we are left in suspense, we truly anticipate the chaos in “Meeting Funmi’s Parents” S2.

By Miracle Marcus

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