Movie Review


Produced By Eku Edewor

Directed by: BB Sasore

Written by: BB Sasore

Released on: 15th December, 2023.

Language: English

Stream Site: Amazon Prime

Inside Nollywood Rating: 4.5

Many of us will readily argue that life has no innate purpose, and we are meant to find it as we travel. While others will say it has no purpose at all and we just come to go. Breathe of life aims to prove the transformative power of hope and peace purpose brings.

This cinematic travel takes us through the journey of Mr Timi, his life, story and why God became a forbidden word in his house. The film explores and plays around our emotions while answering poignant questions about life, purpose and hope.

It revolves around Reverend, now Mr Timi, a man who lost all he had and held dear because of a revenge set to get back at him. He got involved with a crime lord by testifying against him in court, putting him in trouble and setting the pace for this film.

Before his eyes, his family was killed, breaking him and causing him to doubt God, and all he once held dear. This through the rundown of his life would cause him everything and he’ll end up being a lonely fellow till Elijah came by. It took time, but this bot became a significant part of his life and brought happiness and purpose to him and in the end, he willingly gave up all to watch him live

Produced by Eku Edewor and directed by BB Sasaro, the story exposes the depth of human feelings and emotions, and the role it plays In day to day life. 

Set in the late 1950s, it aimed to tell a 50s story and did so efficiently, the costumes, makeup and location all blended together to give the necessary feel. It felt like going back in time. The film has a blend of British style, from the compulsory coffee, those plates, the flinging and anger issues, butler and almost every part painted the story with a Nigerian feel and energy.

The film was predictable and the twists were few. The writer added a few twists and turns that give it the feel. Anna & Elijah’s love story was optimally played In the 50s style and this feel is highly commendable with the perfect feel and chemistry. It never for a second felt forced, and was so real and easily affiliated with any Christian love story.

Though talking about hope, people and God, it did not revolve completely around this, it explored other parts such as love, relationships, people, business, history amongst others. It  left most things to people and answered unanswered questions, telling the story behind miracles, and left zero space for delusions or unwarranted thoughts. I must also comment on the scene where Elijah asked to resign just after he got the church. How? That felt like ingratitude to leave who helped you get this place, and I’m glad this did not push through thanks to his sudden lung failure.

Great Casting as well. Watching each role optimally played, it feels right to say that they were carefully selected and fit for the role.  With Wale Ojo skillfully embodying his role with so much passion and giving his all makes it easy to relate to Mr Timi’s Story. Elijah, played by Chimezie Imo and Anna, represented by Genoveva Umeh gave the film a spice and added the needed sauce to give us a beautiful cinematic display and feel of Young love. Though Chimezie seemed pretty laid back in most of the scenes, he still delivered great acting.

Starring veterans like Bimbo Manuel, Sam Dede, and Tina Mba, the feel of home and blissful acting prowess is not easily forgotten. 

Breathing life to hopelessness and purposelessness, it shows that life can be fleeting with series of random events coming together to  give the things We so desire. Watching Mr Timi give up his all and eventually asking God for Death after he found the purpose for his long Existence and also for the sake of Elijah is the highlight for me, because though unconsciously, Elijah left a mark and touched the life of this tired and lonely man who lived life alone.

A great movie with a 4/5 rating. Giving us an amazing storyline, great casting and beautiful memories, it portrayed peace, purpose and hope it brings. A beautiful story with the suddenness of everyday life.

By Miracle Marcus

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