Movie Review


Directed by: Great Val Edochie

Written by: Promise Fejiro

Released on: 29th December, 2023

Language: English

Stream Site: YouTube

Inside Nollywood Rating: 2.00

Following the usual YouTube Movies storyline, it’s sad to say that “Thicker than water” followed just the course and had nothing extra.

Recounting the experience of a first born  child who was first disowned because of her desire to have university education in place of marriage. This she later brought to fruition after years of hard work only to deal with an ungrateful family who only seem to always want more and make demands, steadily pushing her to depression and loneliness.

While the storyline is relatable as in most African homes, we can relate to Ehi’s character, played by Chinyere Wilfred, the covetous African Mother who would readily push her child to a rich suitor no matter his flaws.  Personally, I could relate to the pressure faced by Adesua, skillfully played by Omoni Oboli  as a first born child. The need to always be there for her siblings and answer their financial needs no matter how absurd, because, as the firstborn, “You are expected to bear the burdens of others”  The calm but helpful Jason, skillfully played by Daniel Etim Effiong Is worthy of commendation as he as usual effortlessly ate his role.

I wish we could give the movie a little higher rating, but sadly, no. The shallow story line, and poor acting prowess displayed by Osazee and Idia would have been better. The lack of emotions or over exaggerated scenes were not a pleasing sight as these were pretty obvious and made it exhausting to watch.

Also, the film seems rushed and most of the scenes were uncoordinated. Like the sudden time lapse from when she was thrown out of the house, and next, we are looking at her welcoming the same mom to a bigger and better house. It would have been more engaging and interesting if we got to see her university struggles, life or the inner conflicts she had to deal with either in forgiveness or moving on. Also, a time lapse reminder was missing, like in the scene where she suddenly got pregnant and then we got to know through Adesua’s conversations with Idia that  Jason has been with them for 10 months. Ah ah, how? That was unfair and too quick because of the lack of in-betweens, which would have added spice. We mostly saw home, crises, disagreements, fights, pampering, etc.

All these made it exhausting to see, making us lose the relatablility and realness which otherwise should be present as it gives a deep dive into any character that would get us to connect and feel him on a personal level. It all felt shallow and superficial, nothing wowing.

The cinematography could have been better, some scenes seemed like it was hidden, not fully displayed. And the makeup artist did quite the poor job. The hospital scenes with Idia in the hospital after being assaulted by Steven had no physical proof of that, for an injury that serious, a more serious injury font would have passed the message more effectively than light blushes and bruises. The camera quality and sound effect were okay per se though could have been better.

The movie was just another YouTube Film, normal plots, less twist, easily predictable and another day on YouTube.

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