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– A Movie Review

By Miracle Marcus

Directed by:Jay Franklin

Written by: Boladele Falolah and Jay Franklin

Released on: 31st October and 7th November, 2023.

Language: English and Yoruba

Stream Site: Netflix

Inside Nollywood Rating: 3.00

The nostalgic effect and the  creepy feelings of I don’t know, fear? That comes with sitting on the sidelines and watching. Vengeance, Courage, boldness and a savior was partly what we saw the movies revolve around. The friendly feel and cold arms of horror all come together to create a good blend of value, history and nostalgia.

The cinematography of Madam Koi Koi is admirable but with lots of loopholes like the imperfections and partiality of the camera unfolding scene after scene as the movie rolled on to tell the story of not just our High school legend, but the plagues, blame game and setting of a typical African society. One of them being the uncouth way mother superiorvplayed by Ireti Doyle always made sure to blame the victims and increase the trauma even when It was not necessary or avoidable, it at some point then feels like she does it for the satisfaction.

Amanda played by Martha Ehinome is seen resuming the school at the begining of the semester with reluctance and unease and the reasons being  revealed to us as we go deeper into the movie. Amanda seamlessly embodies her role and made sure to serve to perfection, this scene where she corrected Lashe [Chuks Joseph] about on an answer he wrongly gave gave me an orgasmic feeling, especially, after seeing the shock on Lashe’s face when he was wrong. And Edna [Nene Nwanyo], is that one friend in boarding school. From the energy to the care she made boarding experience easier for Amanda, she really was that one friend we meet in school and her energy and vibe can’t be matched.

This man is ominous was my first thought on Baba Fawole [Jude Chukwuka] when I saw him at the scene where he defended ibuku [Ejiro Onojaife] and saved her from Lashe’s threat. He played the role of  “elders In the land” refusing to sit back and watch things get destroyed because  mother superior doubts it’s true. He not only did, he seemed for solutions.

I also have to commend the acting prowess of Lashe’s geng, their acting was good and properly represented the typical bully and vilian we find everywhere and anywhere. But Lashe seemed like he was forced vinto the role, aside from the fact that I wasn’t feeling his vibe, his little gestures that should have been cool seemed forced and stand offish.

And Mother Superior played by Ireti Doyle is one character that had put me in a state of constant rage, I would at some point send her a punch, if I could. Her constant trying to pick up and cover the mess of the boys to the endless Blame games on poor unsuspecting girls is annoying. She embodies the typical African woman role and excels greatly at blackmail and blame-binding even when it has no relationship.

This movie recounts the tales of our secondary school days, it represented a ghost who all she wants is Vengeance and justice for the crime done to her and while in pursuit for that, seemed to play the role of a vigilante in my Opinion, going after evil men Who seem to, or harm others within or around the evil forest at least, it seemed so or maybe not. The aim and need of madam Koi koi at some point was missed. It forgot to tell us if it was recounting our secondary school tale or telling the story of a spirit seeking for Vengeance.

Madam Koi Koi was posed to be a horror movie, but in the real sense, I wasn’t horrified, it had a little scary scenes but there was barely this suspenseful and thrilling scenes and feelings that come with horror movies. It at some point felt like the producers were trying to not do much and ended up doing nothing. We could barely feel the vibe and energy that comes with horror and the predictability was too easy. How I could easily predict a scene and it happens just that way was a total turn off making it seem like the thrill and twist that comes with horror  movies went on a short break with no certainty when it shall return and it never did throughout our movie.

I also failed to point out the role of the makeup artists which was poorly delivered because it’s truly a mystery to see Sis Ruth[Chioma Akpotha]  and Mother Superior portrayed by Chioma Akpotha looking the same with no changes or aging even after 20 years.

The movie at many different points made me ask the question “Do the sins of the father really stay with the father?” And in this case, the culprit. Because we saw with utmost sadness the fathers of Bolu and his friends bear the consequences of their actions and also saw Amanda’s lack peace and sleep thanks to a crime she knew nothing about and only had a blood relationship with. Her blood and origin set her up for the god of vengeance only because well, she was her father’s daughter.

And do you think the sins of the father stays with the father?

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